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What makes Monmouth Torah links special? 

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Rabbi Gedalia Liebes

Rabbi Gedalia Liebes


Rabbi Gedalia Liebes seeks to connect Jews to their heritage, guiding people to see beyond the “do’s and don’ts” of Judaism, and find the deeper beauty and purpose of Torah.  His goal is to build Torah Links into a flourishing center of learning and celebration, a place where any Jew can find an entry point.  He looks forward to continuing to grow a close-knit Jewish community in Marlboro.
Rabbi Liebes teaches many Adult Education courses at Torah Links, as well as teaching Talmud to seventh and eighth grade boys at Shalom Torah Academy in Marlboro.  

Rabbi Liebes is originally from Baltimore, MD where he attended Ner Yisroel Yeshiva.  He spent two years at Yeshivas Heichel HaTorah in Israel.  He then attended Beis Medresh Govoha in Lakewood, NJ where received his Rabbinic ordination and earned a Masters in Talmudic Studies.  He lives in Marlboro with his wife Malky and their children. 

Rabbi Yitzchok Oratz


Rabbi Yitzchok Oratz


Rabbi Yitzi Oratz is committed to building a unique Jewish community here in Marlboro -- one based on Torah values, but also one that is welcoming and non-judgmental.  By relating to each Jew as an individual, his vision is to create an environment where Jews of all backgrounds can move beyond any negative stereotypes and find unity in learning and spiritually growing together.  He believes that living a Torah lifestyle has tangible and immediate benefits in this world -- right here, right now.

Rabbi Oratz finds that doing outreach work is a pathway to personal growth that also enriches one's understanding of Judaism.  Among his greatest joys are sharing the beauty of Shabbos with fellow Jews, as well as teaching and studying Talmud with others.  He also looks for ways to demonstrate how Halachic observance enriches one's life and is a source of personal growth.  
Rabbi Oratz, one of 10 brothers, is originally from Brooklyn, NY.  He attended Yeshiva Torah Temimah in Flatbush and then spent a year in Jerusalem studying at the Brisk Yeshiva of Rabbi Dovid Soleveitchik.  Upon his return to the USA he studied at Beis Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, New Jersey where received his Rabbinic ordination and earned a Masters in Talmudic StudiesRabbi Oratz and his wife Toby live in Marlboro where they are proud to raise their children as part of the MTL community.

Rabbi Mordechai Eisenberg

Rabbi Mordechai Eisenberg

Associate Director

Rabbi Eisenberg believes that every Jew has the ability to grow to tremendous levels of greatness, and that one of the main ingredients necessary for this growth is a close-knit community with common goals and ideals. Through his commitment to enhancing the warmth and friendship that defines Monmouth Torah Links, he hopes to help advance an environment in which self improvement is exciting and fun.

Rabbi Eisenberg teaches many courses at MTL. He also runs an advanced learning program on a nightly basis. These classes are focused on the development of the skills needed for spiritual growth.

Rabbi Eisenberg grew up in Chicago. He studied in Staten Island under his grandfather, Rabbi Reuven Feinstein, and continued learning in Yeshivas Telz in Chicago. He then traveled to Israel to continue his studies with Rabbi David Soloveitchik and Rabbi Dan Segal in Jerusalem, where he was ordained. Rabbi Eisenberg lives in Marlboro with his wife Shira and their children.


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