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Summary by Rabbi Moshe Rockove

Parshas Yisro by Rabbi Moshe Rockove This week’s Torah portion begins with Moshe’s father-in-law, Yisro (whose name is the title of the parsha), coming to join the Jewish People in the desert. Hearing about the great miracles G-d performed for the Jews on their way out of Egypt had spurred him to leave his comfortable life in Midian and join the Jewish nation. In the Jewish camp, Yisro observes Moshe serving as the sole judge of the entire nation, working without respite from dawn to dusk. Yisro suggests a tiered judicial system, with different levels of judges addressing different levels of questions and disputes; only the most difficult questions would be brought to Moshe. Moshe accepts the plan and implements it. The Jews travel onward to reach Mt. Sinai. After spending three days preparing for the greatest moment in history – the rendezvous between G-d and Man – the time of the revelation arrives. G-d descends upon the mountain amidst thunder and lightning and the sound of the shofar and proclaims the Ten Commandments. Moshe then ascends the mountain to receive the remainder of the Written Torah and the entire Oral Law.





Learning is the most effective way to guaranty Jewish continuity.

Its never too late (or too early) to learn.  Select from a variety of stimulating classes. Join the hundreds of adults in our area that have increased their Jewish knowledge here at Monmouth Torah Links. 


Most classes are offered free or for a nominal fee. 


Call 732-377-9551 for details or to RSVP.


Our weekly ongoing classes for include:  

Mitzvah Class, Tuesdays @ 7PM
    One-On-One Learning, Mondays @ 8PM
    Talmud Challenge, Thursdays @ 8:30PM
    Torah Study & Fun, Thursdays @ 7PM
    The View with Henny- a women's discussion group, Thursdays


Schedules subject to change, contact  MTL at 732-377-9551 to register or for more information.

Torah Study & Fun

    Pizza, Soda, Nosh
    Weekly raffles
    Special Trips to Pro - Sporting Events


Come join us every Thursday evening where your child can review their weekly studies in an enjoyable and exciting atmosphere.


Parents can participate in stimulating discussions on Judaism and the weekly Torah portion.  For Children grades 3 & up.


Time: Thursdays, 7:00 - 8:15 PM
LOCATION: Shalom Torah Academy, 70 Amboy Road, Morganville, NJ


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